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Get Your House Ready To Sell This Winter

With mortgage rates dropping we will will be seeing more buyers entering the market now! Buyers will want to lock in a low rate while they can.

What does this mean for you if you are planning on buying? Be prepared for bidding wars in a competitive market with low inventory. Get a clear vision on what your needs are so when the home does come up for sale you are ready.

What does this mean for you if you are planning on selling? Being first on the market will give you a competitive edge. Supply and demand will play a key part in homes sales.

Some Highlights

  • As you get ready to sell your house, there are a few things you should add to your to-do list to make it inviting and boost curb appeal.

  • To name just a couple, it’s a good idea to declutter, take down personal photos and items, touch up any scuffs on the walls, and tidy up your landscaping.

  • Connect with a trusted real estate professional for advice on what else you may want to do to get your house ready to sell this season.

Questions about buying or selling this year? Give us a call, we'd love to connect and put a plan together for you.

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